Hi, these are a series of drawings that came from my guts after reading about a big corruption scandal happening in Chile. We call it "Caso Penta". Basically, it involves some politicians from the extreme right wing stealing larges amounts of  money to finance their campaigns. 
This is how politicians work:
...And these drawings represent some chilean politicians and haters. This first picture shows how all starts:
This is Ivan Moreira, chilean politician from the extreme "republican" side. He was a big supporter of Pinochet's dictatorship and now he is part of a huge curruption scandal. He basically stole money to finance his campaigns. 
He is "Pastor Soto", a evangelic hater that preaches against civil rights for minorities. 
She is Ena Von Baer a chilean politician. She also took ilegal money to finace her campaigs and then denied it. This is why I draw he trying to cover the sun with a finger. 
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